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Bespoke jewelry models making from Alpha Jewelry
Alpha Jewelry for Bespoke Jewelry Models
Alpha jewelry is a professional jewelry model maker specialized in designing and making bespoke jewelry silver master models and rubber silicone models. We have a highly qualified and experienced design team who use Rhino, Martix and jewel CAD software to make custom jewelry designs. We also have a team of expert goldsmiths with more than 10 years of experience in making jewelry and rubber models.
As a global business leader, we serve many countries and we are still expanding. Our current markets include India, USA, UK, Russia, Canada, Indonesia, Brazil, Malaysia, to mention but a few. We supply these markets with our wide variety of custom jewelry designs ranging from light gold weight designs to engagement ring designs, tapper boutique designs and complex animal designs among many others.  
To place an order for custom bespoke jewelry models, here are the simple steps you need to follow:-
1. For the first step, you need to provide us with the idea for your model. You can send us a hand drawing, photos or pictures of jewelry from the internet to illustrate your unique idea. Our hand drawing team will then represent your idea as best as they can on paper in the form of a drawing, which they will show you. 

2. Secondly, you will be required to provide our 3D design team with additional details and requirements of your jewelry for example, the stone you want, its shape and size, ring size, weight and thickness of every part of the piece of jewelry and much more. This will enable our team make you the custom jewelry design you desire. 

3. Once you have provided the 3D design team with all the necessary details, they will then make a CAD, which they will present to you for approval. You can then carefully examine this design and inquire if there are any revisions that you need made.
4. The designers will then make all necessary adjustments and present to you the final sketches of the designs for you to confirm the changes.  
5. After you have approved the final changes, we will then commence making the model. The CAD is used to 3D print a wax model that is then used to cast the silver. For the finishing, the silver model is triple polished.
6. If you desire a silicone/rubber mold, we can also make one for you
7. After the work is complete, we then package the product and deliver it to your doorstep. 
So what are you waiting for? With these simple steps, you can get any custom jewelry design to take your business to the next level whether you are a manufacturer in the market for more custom designs or a seller seeking to expand your product line. 
For more information or inquiries before you make a purchase, you can start a live chat with our online sales representatives. If our online sales representatives are not available, you will be directed to submit your inquiries on an online form, which after submission you can update with further inquiries and track the progress of your correspondence.