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Custom Jewelry

At Alpha Jewellery we can offer our customers a full silver custom jewellery solution.

We have our own design studio where we use the latest jewellery designing CAD CAM software to design custom jewellery to your specification, the process simply begins with you sending us a picture or a sketch of a piece of jewellery which you may have seen in a store or online and we can customise it to your specification including size, weight and even colour. We have our own workshop with trained silversmiths ready to turn the custom jewellery pieces which have been designed into reality. We can source the Cubic Zirconia for you to your requirements, from Swarovski grade down to a cheaper alternative depending on your market requirements. We also protect the custom jewellery pieces in 2 ways, first we electroplate using silver and secondly we apply a layer of premium rhodium plating which gives maximum protection and superior finish. The whole process of design, production and delivery of your silver custom jewellery will take approximately 15-30 days. Our standard minimum order is 30 pieces but for new customers wishing you test our quality and service we are more than happy to take a smaller quantity. If you are reading this and are interested in our silver custom jewellery then please click on the online Skype chat button or you can leave us a message with your email address and contact number and one of our helpful team will be in touch.
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