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Custom Jewelry
What services can we provide?
  • 1. A silver jewelry sample customization, which offers you the possibility to customize your own style at a low price.
  • 2. Customized service for a gold jewelry (a long-term cooperative customer can get the VIP price)
  • 3. Customized service for a gold mounting (customers can arrange their own stones for processing)
  • 4. Production of bulk silver jewelry.
Our main customer type
  • 1. You don't have your own production capacity, but you have your own sales channels, you need to expand the style and look for long-term cooperation in stable processing plants.
  • 2. You are preparing to carry out the jewelry business, the amount of money is small, hoping to get a order, and hope to reduce all costs.
  • 3. You are a jewelry designer, who has the ability to design jewelry and hope to find a factory OEM.
  • 4. You are a wholesaler with a stable customer base and hope to find a factory that can stably supply high quality products with stable delivery time.
  • 5. You are the owner of a jewelry retail store, and occasionally encounter customers who need to customize personalized jewelry.
  • 6. You are a reseller, you want the factory to provide product images for free to upload to the major website platforms, and hope that the factory provides door to door service.
Customer cooperation case
  • 1. Some customers will customize 50-100 silver jewelry samples here. There are several advantages to custom silver jewelry samples. The first advantage is that 3D design drawings are already available. We can get the weight of gold and the data of stones. , can therefore make a gold jewelry quotation. The second advantage is that we can identify and solve problems encountered in the production of silver jewelry samples. The third advantage is that it can solve the payment problem. The fourth advantage is to solve the logistics problem and facilitate the customer to determine the delivery time. The fifth advantage is that customers can display silver jewelry samples at the store to provide an intuitive shopping experience. We will provide a gold quotation form immediately after the silver jewelry samples are completed, which contains the data details of each style. Customers can take photos of the silver jewelry samples and put them on the website or on various social media platforms, and set a profitable price based on the price I give. When they receive the customer's order, they will be produced and shipped within 7-10 days, and the customer will receive the goods within 15-20 days.
  • 2.Reseller mode, some resellers, will ask us for product images, upload to different free platforms, because of the valuation issues, so we will recommend them to sell K gold inlaid zircon or moissanite products, due to the value of the stone It is lower, so the valuation only needs to estimate the value of gold.
Why choose us?
  • 1.China has decades of experience in the development of jewellery production. The jewellery industry is very well equipped in all aspects. Therefore, we can do a lot of jewellery. For example, we can do 9K, 10K, 14K, 18K, 22K, 925. Silver, suitable for mainstream jewelry metal composition requirements in different countries. We can also produce nickel-free jewellery according to EU requirements and fully comply with customer safety requirements.
  • 2.Due to the many years of production experience, the order work distribution has been perfected, which makes our production speed very fast. Compared with other jewelry factories, it takes 15-30 days to produce. We only need 7-10 days to complete the small batch production work (after the customer confirms the 3D design). Greatly facilitated the delivery control of business partners. 3.Due to mature production experience, we have three control processes for quality, including mold metal quality control process, polishing quality control process, and stone quality control process. Through each process, we ensure the quality of the produced jewelry is perfect.
Our production time?
  • 3D design: 1-2 days
  • Silver sample: 7-10 days (under the premise of confirming 3D design)
  • Gold goods: 7-10 days (under the premise of confirming 3D design)
  • Gold mounting: 3-5 days (under the premise of confirming 3D design)
  • Bulk silver goods: Under the premise of confirming the 3D design, we need 10-15 days for small batch test production. After the mold confirmation can be used for production, the batch silver goods delivery period is 25-30 days.
  • Shipping time: 3-7 days (DHL Worldwide Shipping)
Our payment methods?
  • Paypal;Western union;Moneygram

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