Jewelry Wax Model Create Oval Shape Diamond Engagement In Alpha

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Jewelry Wax Model Create Oval Shape Diamond Engagement In Alpha
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5# 5(1/4)# 5(1/2)# 5(3/4)# 6# 6(1/4)# 6(1/2)# 6(3/4)# 7# 7(1/4)# 7(1/2)# 7(3/4)# 8# 8(1/4)# 8(1/2)# 8(3/4)# 9# 9(1/4)# 9(1/2)#
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Silver Model The custom model order will be sent to us as an inquiry. You will be contacted soon after your inquiry is received. Please ensure that your contact information is accurate and up-to-date.
Silver Model + Silicone Mold
CAD File(3dm.format)
Jewelry Production  Inquiry Now  
Price: Waitting confirm


1.Original jewelry 3D files/Silver master models for sale.

We have ten of thousands original 3D CAD file and stock silver master models for sale.

2.Silver model/3D file customized.

Our expert designers also can turn your sketches,ideas and references into 3D CAD files using the latest CAD technology.
We also can create silver master models for you to any requirement.
For more informations please visit: Page

3.Jewelry design rendering service

Using the latest CAD technology we can create a perfectly rendered 3D file for your designs which can be used on your own website online.



For custom order,kindly confirm below information:
1.What is the metal and stone of your jewelry?(e.g sterling silver with CZ,18kt white gold with diamond,22kt gold with CZ.)
2.Which type of stone setting solution you want?Wax setting or hand setting?

     Wax setting:setting stones in wax

     Hand setting:setting stones in metal

3.About the stone size,you offer or our designer make decision according the design?


4.Do you need us to make setting seat/prong cut for the stone setting?


6.Should your designs need to be as light as possible?

1.What kind of payment method you accept?
Paypal,T/T,Western Union are available.

2.How many days will it take for custom order?
Below 100 designs,7-15days.

3.What kind of shipping method you use?
DHL mostly,Fedex,TNT,UPS accepted as well.
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